Sugar Science & Research

The Canadian Sugar Institute (CSI) is committed to high standards of scientific integrity and maintaining transparent processes in all collaborative research activities. CSI seeks to publish all research findings with Open Access in credible and reputable, peer-reviewed scientific journals. Funding sources and conflict of interest statements will always be clearly stated. CSI employees involved in science or research must conform to high standards of responsible research and ensure scientific integrity oversight by qualified external scientists.

With a limited research budget, CSI strives to conduct high-quality research, in collaboration with qualified scientists, in the following areas:

  • Monitor and disseminate information on current research pertaining to sugars consumption and health using transparent search methodology and identifying articles according to the hierarchy of scientific evidence
  • Conduct analyses of dietary survey data on sugars consumption using publicly available data such as the Canadian Community Health Survey
  • Conduct surveys that identify knowledge gaps and assess perceptions related to sugars and carbohydrates
  • Contribute to knowledge translation through sponsorship and educational tools that maintain scientific integrity and aim to enhance understanding, evaluation and usefulness of scientific findings

CSI follows the Scientific Integrity Principles and Best Practices endorsed by the Canadian Nutrition Society, and CSI’s research activities are guided by an external Scientific Advisory Council.


Scientific Integrity Principles and Best Practices: Recommendations from a Scientific Integrity Consortium.

Transparency and Openness Promotion Guidelines

Model Policy on Scientific Integrity


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