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Sugar 101: Frequently Asked Questions

Sugar 101: Frequently Asked Questions

Answers common questions about the basics of what sugar is, where it is found in different foods and beverages, and how it is used by the body. 

Sugar from field to table

Sugar: From Field to Table

Describes the purification process for sugar cane and sugar beets, and the different types of sugars created. 

Sugar beyond sweetness- functional roles of sugar

Sugar: Beyond Sweetness

Describes 5 important functional roles sugar plays in different foods.

Learning about Sugars Labelling - new nutrition information

Learning about Sugars Labelling

Describes new changes to sugars labelling on Nutrition Facts tables and the List of Ingredients, including the addition of a % Daily Value for total sugars and grouping of sugars-based ingredients.  

Carbohydrates and Physical Activity

Carbohydrates and Physical Activity  

Discusses hydration and carbohydrate fueling recommendations for before, during, and after physical activity. 

Sugars consumption in Canada

Sugars Consumption in Canada (UPDATED JUNE 2024)

Shares new information on sugars consumption in Canadian adults and children based on Canadian Community Health Survey 2015 data. 

Energy balance is key to maintaining body weight

Energy Balance and Body Weight  

Provides information on maintaining energy balance and an overall balanced lifestyle as part of weight management. 


Fact Sheets 

Effect of  sugars on metabolic disease risk factors

Effect of Sugars on Metabolic Disease Risk Factors  (UPDATED!)

Summarizes findings and key takeaways from a series of systematic reviews & meta-analyses of controlled trials on sugars and different health effects. 

Uncover the truth about sugar

Uncover the Truth About Sugar

A series of five fact sheets answering common misperceptions on sugars consumption, sugars and weight, sugars and chronic diseases, sources of sugars, and functional roles of sugars. 

Scientific review of WHO sugars guideline 2015

Scientific Review of WHO Sugars Guideline

A review of the scientific evidence supporting the 2015 World Health Organization free sugars guidelines. 

Role of carbohydrates and sugars in sports nutrition

Role of Carbohydrates and Sugars in Sports Nutrition

Written by Dr. Gareth Wallis (University of Birmingham), this fact sheet reviews the role of carbohydrates and sugars and dietary recommendations for athletes. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Carbohydrates and Type 2 Diabetes

Frequently Asked Questions About Carbohydrates and Type 2 Diabetes

Answers frequently asked questions about the role of sugars and carbohydrates in the diet of individuals with Type 2 Diabetes. 

Questions about sugars and health

Questions About Sugar and Health?

Answers frequently asked questions about sugars terminology, dietary guidelines for sugars, and sugars consumption in Canada. 

Facts on sugars
Facts on Sugars

Provides information on naturally occurring and added sugars, how sugars are used by the body, functions sugar plays in foods, and guidance on understanding sugars information in the Nutrition Facts table. 

Sugars and health

Sugars and Health

Provides information on sugars as type of carbohydrate, and sugars consumption in relation to different health conditions such as diabetes, dental caries, addiction, and hyperactivity. 

Understanding the glycemic index

Understanding the Glycemic Index

Describes the Glycemic Index, factors that affect the Glycemic Index, and compares the Glycemic Index for different foods. 

Sugar from plant to food

Sugar: From Plant to Food

Describes the purification process for sugar cane and sugar beets in Canada. 

Breakfast brain booster

Breakfast Brain Booster

Reviews the importance of breakfast consumption for brain function in children, and offers a variety of different breakfast ideas. 

Calories and body weight

Calories and Body Weight

Discusses balancing calorie intake and output as part of weight management. 

Fuel for your activity

Fuel for Your Activity

Nutrition recommendations to support athletic performance and meet the added energy demands of physical activity.

Balancing food and activity for healthy weights

Balancing Food and Activity for Healthy Weights

Shares physical activity recommendations for Canadians of different age groups as well as nutrition tips before, during, and after activity. 

Healthy teeth for a healthy you

Healthy Teeth for a Healthy You!

Provides recommendations for preventing cavities and tooth decay, including oral health practices and sensible snacking tips to manage intake of cariogenic foods. 

Different sugars for different tastes

Different Sugars for Different Tastes

Describes different types of granulated and brown sugars as well as tips for their uses in recipes. 



Frequently Asked Questions about Sugar and Health

Carbohydrate Digestion and Absorption 

Infographic Design and Development

Use this two-part video series to gain understanding and appreciation of what infographics are and how to design an effective infographic to communicate scientific and nutrition information. 

Reading and Critically Evaluating Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses

Use this four-part video series to gain the knowledge and skills needed to read and critically assess a systematic review and meta-analysis.

Use this three-part video series to apply your knowledge and skills to read and critically assess a systematic review and meta-analysis, including performing GRADE assessment.

Download these supporting resources to help guide you through this hands-on exercise:

Functional Roles of Sugar in Foods 

 Additional recordings from CSI's 2016 Event "Sugar Beyond Sweetness: Functional Roles of Sugar in Foods" with Chef Claire Tansey:

Educational and Teaching Materials 

The Sweet Spot Challenge Booklet

The Sweet Spot Challenge: A Compilation of Daily Menus Based on the 100 gram Daily Value for Sugars  (NEW!)

This booklet compiles fourteen sample 1-day menus that reflect the new 100 g total sugars Daily Value. 

Nature's Sweet Mystery

MISSION 1 – Exploring Food Chains

MISSION 2 – Exploring Food from Field to Table

MISSION 3 – Exploring the Human Body

MISSION 4 - Exploring Energy Balance

An exciting teaching resource for grades 4-6 across Canada. Through experiments and activities, students learn about food science, food production, the human body, nutrition and physical activity within a series of four Missions. 

Test your sugar IQ


Test Your Sugar IQ

The Canadian Sugar Institute invites you to test your knowledge of sugars and carbohydrates by answering 15 skill testing questions.

Take the online quiz 

Click here for a printable version of the Sugar IQ

Did you know sugar fact

Did You Know? sugar facts 

Twenty different “Did You Know” facts about sugars. 


Evidence Reviews

Provides current, practical scientific information on carbohydrate and its role in nutrition and health.

Beyond Sweetness - The functional roles of sugar in foods and the challenges in reducing or replacing it

Beyond Sweetness: The Functional Roles of Sugar in Foods and the Challenges in Replacing/Reducing It (2016) 

Written by Douglas Goff, PhD (University of Guelph) and Julian Cooper, PhD, reviews the functional properties of sugar, ingredients frequently used to replace sugar’s functionality, and the challenges associated with sugars reduction and reformulation. 

Sugars and Health: The Current Science

Sugars and Health: The Current Science (2015) 

Reviews sugars metabolism and answers frequently asked questions on sugars and health with answers provided by a variety of academic experts in the field. 

The not so toxic truth about sugar

The Not So Toxic Truth About Sugar (2013)

Written by Dr. John Sievenpiper (University of Toronto), reviews current scientific evidence on fructose and fructose-containing sugars and different health outcomes. 

Carbohydrates and the cognitive performance of children

Carbohydrates and the Cognitive Performance of Children (2012)

Written by David Benton, PhD (Swansea University), reviews the evidence on the effects of breakfast and its composition on children’s cognition and school performance. 

Sucrose from field to table

Sucrose: From Field to Table (2010) 

Written by David Kitts, PhD (University of British Columbia), reviews sugar production in green plants, the purification process for sugar cane and sugar beets in Canada, as well as various functional roles sugar plays in different foods. 

The Glycemic Index - Clinical and Public Health Significance

The Glycemic Index: Clinical and Public Health Significance (2008) 

Written by G. Harvey Anderson, PhD (University of Toronto), reviews the current evidence on Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load, as well as their applications in measuring blood glucose response. 


The CSI Recipe Collection - A Taste of Sugar

Recipes for white bean dip and balsamic bruschetta


Recipes for White Bean Dip & Balsamic Bruschetta 

Recipes for homestyle banana bread and cinnamon raisin scones


Recipes for Homestyle Banana Bread & Cinnamon Raisin Scones 

Recipes for energizing granola and blueberry bran muffins


Recipes for Energizing Granola & Blueberry Bran Muffins 

Recipes for Rena's fruit crisp and mini cheesecake delights


Recipes for Rena’s Fruit Crisp & Mini Cheesecake Delights 

Recipes for tomato zucchini penne with pesto and dijon chicken


Recipes for Tomato Zucchini Penne with Pesto & Dijon Chicken 

Recipes for mexican peppers and onions and spicy citrus marinade


Recipes for Mexican Peppers and Onions & Spicy Citrus Marinade 

Recipes for corn and chives madeleines and whole wheat molasses loaf


Recipes for Corn and Chives Madeleines & Whole Wheat Molasses Loaf 

Recipes for apple bulgur salad and balsamic vinaigrette


Recipes for Apple Bulgar Salad & Classic Balsamic Vinaigrette 

Recipes for creamy carrot soup and thick and tasty tomato soup


Recipes for Creamy Carrot Soup & Thick and Tasty Tomato Soup 

Recipes for simply sweet butternut squash and orange-glazed peppers and zucchini


Recipes for Simply Sweet Butternut Squash & Orange-Glazed Peppers and Zucchini