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Whats New

September 8, 2016 - Carbohydrate Nutrition News

New Resources: Sugar Beyond Sweetness

Sugar is widely used in cooking and baking recipes due to its versatile functionality. The registered dietitians and nutrition researchers at the Nutrition Information Service of the Canadian Sugar Institute are therefore excited to share a collection of new resources on the Functional Roles of Sugar in Foods

The collection contains:

  • Video recording  and  PDF presentation slides from an in-depth science-based webinar presented by two leading food scientists, Professor Douglas Goff (University of Guelph, Canadian) and Professor Julian Cooper (University of Reading, UK), as well as
  • Fact sheet summarizing the science behind the functional roles of sugar in foods and the challenges in replacing/reducing it. 


  • Infographic depicting 5 important functional roles sugar plays in foods beyond sweetness. 

We hope you enjoy these resources!