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Whats New

November 23, 2015 - Carbohydrate Nutrition News

New Resource: Frequently Asked Questions about Carbohydrates and Type 2 Diabetes

Carbohydrate consumption and metabolism in relation to glycemic control is one of the most important topics for people with diabetes. CSI offers a new fact sheet “Frequently Asked Questions about Carbohydrates and Type 2 Diabetes”, which provides answers to questions frequently heard by health care professionals regarding carbohydrate and sugars for people with Type 2 Diabetes.

Key Points:

  • Sugars do not directly cause diabetes. Among the risk factors for Type 2 Diabetes, overweight/obesity is the most significant.
  • People with Type 2 Diabetes can consume up to 10% of total Calories from added sugars.
  • Foods with ‘reduced in sugar’ and ‘no sugar added’ claims are not always a better choice.
  • People with diabetes should consume consistent amounts of carbohydrate throughout the day, with a minimum of 130 grams per day. 

This fact sheet and all of our health professional and consumer resources can be ordered or downloaded free of charge on our website