Rationalization and Reinvestment

The Canadian sugar industry continues to provide Canadians with a reliable supply of high quality, low cost refined sugar. At the same time, the industry has evolved through consolidation and rationalization in response to significant competitive pressures. The industry depends on a stable Canadian market yet has faced increased competition from imports of refined sugar and competitive sweeteners such as high fructose corn syrup. Export market opportunities have been extremely limited by foreign trade barriers.

Since the early 1980's, several facilities and distribution centres have been closed, costs have been cut and productivity has been improved. Prior to 1980, there were ten sugar processing plants operating across Canada. By 1980, there were six, and by 2000, the number of plants was down to four -- three cane sugar refineries and one sugar beet processing plant.

Canada’s remaining sugar refining operations are globally efficient and well positioned to compete in a fair market. As part of their determination to remain cost competitive, Canada’s sugar refiners continue to reinvest in their facilities and communities across the country:

Rationalization & Reinvestment in the Canadian Sugar Industry

Province Canadian Sugar Companies Plant type Dates of Operation
Alberta Picture Butte (BC Sugar Refining Co., 1936; closed 1978) beet 1936 - 1978
Alberta Raymond (1925; acquired by BC Sugar 1931; closed 1963) beet 1925 - 1963
Alberta Rogers Sugar, Taber (BC Sugar Refining Co., 1950; expansion 1998; merger with Lantic Sugar, 2008 resulting in Lantic Inc.) beet 1950 - 
British Columbia Rogers Sugar, Vancouver (BC Sugar Refining Co., 1890; merger with Lantic Sugar, 2008 resulting in Lantic Inc.) cane 1890 - 
Manitoba BC Sugar Refining Co. (Manitoba Sugar Company; 1940; acquired by BC Sugar in 1955; closed 1997) beet 1940 - 1997
Ontario Redpath Sugar (The Canada and Dominion Sugar Company, Chatham, 1916; closed 1968) beet 1916 - 1968
Ontario Redpath Sugar (The Canada and Dominion Sugar Company, Wallaceburg, 1902; closed 1960) beet 1902 - 1960
Ontario Redpath Sugar, Toronto (The Canada and Dominion Sugar Company, 1959; named Redpath Sugars in 1973; ASR Group acquisition of Redpath in 2007) cane 1959 -
Ontario West Cane Sugar, Oshawa, Ontario (1974; acquired by Lantic 1983; closed 1988) cane 1983 - 1988
Quebec Cartier Sugar, Ville St-Pierre (1963; acquired by Lantic in 1981 and later closed) cane 1963 - 1981
Quebec Redpath Sugar, Montreal (Canada Sugar Refinery, 1854; closed in 1980) cane 1854 - 1980
Quebec Raffinerie de Sucre de Quebec, Mont St. Hilaire, Quebec (1944; a provincial government-owned sugar beet processing plant operation; later acquired by Lantic; closed 1986) beet 1944 - 1986
Quebec Lantic Sugar, Montreal (St. Lawrence Sugar, Montreal, 1888; acquired by Lantic in 1984; merger with Rogers Sugar in 2008 resulting in Lantic Inc.) cane 1888 -
New Brunswick Atlantic Sugar, Saint John (1915; name changed to Lantic Sugar in 1984; closed in 2000) cane 1915 - 2000