Promoting the benefits of the TPP - Presentation to Standing Committee on International Trade

October 20, 2016 - The Canadian Sugar Institute (CSI) summarized the benefits of the TPP to Canada’s sugar, sugar-containing products and processed food sectors. Unlike most commodities, NAFTA did not open sugar trade for Canadian sugar and many sugar-containing products. The TPP does not resolve those issues but would provide meaningful improvements. The TPP does not address global trade distortions in sugar but there are also potential gains for Canadian exports in other TPP markets including Japan.

Exploring free trade with China encouraging sign for Canadian agri-food exports

September 22, 2016 - The Canadian Agri-Food Trade Alliance (CAFTA) today applauded the federal government for announcing exploratory free trade talks with China - a market that accounted for $5.6 billion in Canadian agriculture and agri-food exports last year. China is Canada’s second largest two-way trading partner after the U.S.

Presentation to Standing Senate Committee on Agriculture and Forestry: Study on international market access priorities for the Canadian agricultural and agri-food sector

May 05, 2016 - Canada’s sugar sector supports government initiatives to seek predictable and meaningful increases in export market access to diversify markets and improve the capacity utilization and competitiveness of Canadian sugar operations. FTAs like CETA and TPP are critical because they benefit the full value chain. The industry supports timely implementation of CETA. It is also essential Canada ratify TPP as costs of exclusion would put Canada further behind in food processing investment and trade.

Canadian agriculture and agri-food exporters announce strong support for TPP

January 11, 2016 - After careful review of the terms of the TPP, CAFTA announced its formal support of the deal and believes it is integral to the future viability of Canada’s export-based agriculture and agri-food sector. CAFTA urges the Canadian government to sign the agreement and press for its quick ratification by all parties. Outcomes are significant for Canadian agriculture and agri-food exporters despite the U.S. and Japan continuing to maintain restrictive tariffs and tariff rate quotas on sugar products.