European Union Proposes Controversial Sugar Reform Plan

July 01, 2004 - European Union Farm Commissioner Franz Fischler this month released a long-awaited proposal to reform the EU's 36 year-old sugar regime, which aims to reduce EU sugar production and the 'dumping' of surplus sugar on world markets.

The Survival of Canada's Sugar Industry is a Critical Issue in Your Riding

June 07, 2004 - Refined sugar production has a 187-year history in Canada, but this important Canadian industry is at risk.

CSI President Encourages US Sugar Industry to 'Walk the Talk' on Free Trade

May 03, 2004 - TORONTO - In a presentation to a US sugar industry conference in Washington last week, Canadian Sugar Institute President Sandra Marsden offered a Canadian perspective on the global sugar industry, and a criticism of the United States' Sugar Policy which stands in the way of free trade.