Australia/Brazil Challenge the European Sugar Regime

October 07, 2002 - On September 27, 2002, Australia and Brazil lodged formal complaints with the World Trade Organization (WTO) over the sugar subsidies paid by the European Union.

WTO Update

August 07, 2002 - On July 25, at the Quint meeting (Australia, Canada, EU, Japan and the US) in Japan, the US outlined an ambitious new WTO proposal to reform global agricultural trade and “level the playing field” for all countries.

Support Building to Oppose US Protectionist Measures

July 05, 2002 - On July 2, 2002, the Grocery Manufacturers of America (GMA) commended the members of the US House of Representatives who voiced their opposition to a sugar amendment attached to the pending Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) legislation.

Rogers Sugar Income Fund to Acquire Lantic Sugar; Kraft Foods to Move Michigan Candy Plant to Montreal

January 23, 2002 - On January 8, Rogers Sugar Income Fund announced a proposed transaction to acquire Lantic Sugar Limited of Montreal, Quebec.