Une décision du tribunal donne raison aux raffineries de sucre canadiennes

03 novembre 2000 - Le Tribunal canadien du commerce extérieur a publié aujourd'hui une décision qui confirme sa position à l'encontre du dumping du sucre subventionné par les États-Unis et l'Union européenne.

US Government Owns "Mountain of Sugar"

25 octobre 2000 - The October 12, WASDE report indicated that the US Department of Agriculture has taken ownership of about 1.1 million tons of surplus US cane and beet sugar.

Global Alliance for Sugar Trade Reform Meeting

17 octobre 2000 - On October 9, 2000, representatives from major sugar producing countries gathered in Banff to deliver an urgent message to the Cairns Group Ministers.

Special Edition: Sweetener Symposium 2000

23 août 2000 - The American Sugar Alliance held its 17th Annual Sweetener Symposium in Steamboat Springs Colorado, August 5-9, 2000. "Sugar 2000: Emerging From the Farm Crisis", addressed the current US and world over supply situation, sugar policies and prices as well as a current perspective on the US/Mexico sugar discussions. The following remarks include highlights from the symposium.

US Announces Payment-in-Kind Program for Sugar; Mexico Seeks NAFTA Panel in Sweeteners Dispute with US

22 août 2000 - On August 1, 2000, the US Department of Agriculture announced a new program in an effort to help reduce the US sugar surplus and prevent loan forfeitures.

Canada Eliminates Retail Packaging Requirement for SCP Exports; US-Mexico Set August 1 Deadline for Resolving Sweeteners Dispute

23 juin 2000 - On June 19, 2000, the Canadian government announced that it was terminating its value-added retail packaging policy for sugar-containing products shipped into the US tariff-rate quota.

Canada Ready to Fight U.S. Sugar Restrictions

07 juin 2000 - WINDSOR -- International Trade Minister Pierre Pettigrew has told the U.S. to back off a proposed sugar import licensing program or face NAFTA and WTO challenges, top trade sources said yesterday.

Global Alliance for Sugar Trade Reform Presses Ahead in Honduras; US Import Licencing Proposal Threatens Canadian Exports of SCP's; US Government to Buy Sugar

18 mai 2000 - Delegates from 13 countries met in Honduras, May 2-5, to set an agenda to push for liberalization of global sugar markets. The meeting was sponsored by the Association of Honduran Sugar Producers for members of the Global Alliance for Sugar Trade Reform and Liberalization.