Alberta Trade Conference Sets the Stage for Upcoming WTO Agriculture Negotiations

November 20, 1998 - A capacity crowd was on hand at the "Going Global" conference in Red Deer Alberta, November 11-13, to hear prominent trade experts outline the challenges and opportunities facing Canada's agriculture and food sector in the next round of World Trade Organization (WTO) talks.

Canadian Sweetener Symposium - Market Outlook

October 30, 1998 - The newly reconstituted Canadian Sweetener Symposium took place in Toronto on October 22, 1998.

20 Years in Review - Statistical Profile of Sugar Industry

October 02, 1998 - The just released annual Statistical Profile of the Canadian Sugar Industry provides a 20-year review of Canadian sugar market trends. Here are some of the highlights.

Expanded Taber Sugar Plant Begins Campaign to Process Sugar Beets

October 02, 1998 - The recently expanded Rogers Sugar plant in Taber, Alberta started processing this year's sugar beet crop which should be the biggest on record in Alberta.

Premiers Urge Liberalization of World Sugar Trade

September 10, 1998 - At their annual meeting in Saskatoon on August 7th, Provincial Premiers urged Ottawa to pursue the elimination of export subsidies, non-tariff barriers and the overall liberalization of world sugar trade in the next Round of WTO talks.

Agriculture Ministers Support Goal to Double Agri-Food Exports

July 30, 1998 - On July 16, 1998, federal and provincial agriculture ministers strongly supported a goal to double agri-food exports by early in the next century. Following their annual two-day meeting, agriculture ministers agreed to work with industry to reach a target of 4% of world agri-food trade by the year 2005.

Mexican Sugar Production and Exports Set New Records

July 09, 1998 - Total Mexican sugar production for the 1997-98 crop is estimated at 5.3 million tonnes, representing the fourth year of record yields.

New Alliance of Agri-Food Exporters

June 18, 1998 - A number of major agri-food exporters met with Federal Agriculture and Agri-Food Minister, Lyle Vanclief, and senior trade officials in Ottawa on June 11th to announce he formation of the Canadian Alliance of Agri-Food Exporters. This diverse group from sectors including red meat, oilseeds, barley malts, grains and sugar, joined together out of a common interest in promoting freer and more open trade in the upcoming round of World Trade Organization negotiations.