Canadian Diabetes Association 2003 Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Prevention and Management of Diabetes in Canada

December 01, 2003 - The 1998 Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Management of Diabetes in Canada, developed by the Clinical & Scientific Section of the Canadian Diabetes Association

International Symposium on Glycemic Carbohydrate and Health

November 06, 2003 - In 1998, the International Life Sciences Institute Japan (ILSI Japan) received a three-year research grant to initiate research on the medical and nutritional aspects of sugars.

Sugars and Health Workshop

October 03, 2003 - Supplement to The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition

Sugar Alcohols and Diabetes: A Review

September 05, 2003 - Because of concerns about possible harmful effects, we reviewed government regulations and scientific literature on sugar alcohols.

Sugars and health: Is there an issue?

August 01, 2003 - The findings by the 2000 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC) and more recently by the Institute of Medicine (IOM) report on Dietary Reference Intakes (DRIs) for macronutrients have brought focus to the question of potential adverse effects of over consumption of sugars.

Sugar Intake and Risk of Diabetes in Women

July 02, 2003 - A prospective study of sugar intake and risk of type 2 diabetes in women.

New Studies on Low Carbohydrate Diets

June 23, 2003 - Nutrition News Focus - Today's Topic: Low Carbohydrate Diet and Weight Loss

World Health Organization Nutrition Report - Controversy Over Sugars Recommendation

May 02, 2003 - The report has raised global awareness of the need to focus on the essential role of both diet and physical activity as key determinants of health.

Ontario Dental Association News Release: Good Nutrition is Key to Saving Your Gums

April 03, 2003 - Good nutrition is key to saving your gums - April is Oral Health Month

March is Nutrition Month

March 01, 2003 - Evaluating Fad Diets, Tips for Sound Weight Loss, and Consumer Views of Popular Diets

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