January 03, 2011

The Canadian Sugar Institute (CSI) Nutrition Information Service is pleased to provide you with the latest editions of our annual health professional and consumer publications, Carbohydrate News and Clips on Sugar

This edition of Carbohydrate News features a two-part article by Dr. David Kitts outlining the sugar production and purification process as well as the functional properties of sugar in foods. The first section explains sucrose is a natural product of photosynthesis and refining is a purification process that separates pure white sugar crystals from surrounding plant materials; to meet Canadian food standards, sugar must have a minimum purity of at least 99.8% sucrose. The article also briefly outlines the current and historical importance of sugar in Canada’s economy. The second section outlines the various functional roles and importance of sugar to improve both the sensory and food safety aspects of food products, highlighting that sugar is not added solely for sweetness.

This issue of Clips on Sugars provides consumer‐friendly information on sugar processing, highlighting that sugar is a natural product obtained from a purification process, with no chemicals or bleach added. Some of the functional roles of sugar in food products are also highlighted.