October 15, 2009

The Canadian Sugar Institute Nutrition Information Service is pleased to announce the release of a newly updated teaching resource for grades 4-6 entitled Nature's Sweet Mystery. This booklet is now available in both English and French, free of charge, to Canadian educators and health professionals.

Nature's Sweet Mystery is designed to guide students in an exploration of food energy and food production through a series of four Missions:

The teacher's background information and student activities in each Mission have been developed to support the achievement of curriculum expectations and learning outcomes in the areas of science, technology, health and physical education for Canadian students in grades 4-6 across Canada. This material was written by Registered Dietitians with the support of educational consultants, and has been classroom tested by teachers across Canada.

To order a free copy of Nature's Sweet Mystery, please complete this online order form or email your request to

Seal of Approval

Nature's Sweet Mystery has received the Ontario Agri-Food Education Inc. Seal of Approval. This ensures that the resource has met eight critical criteria. Resources are reviewed by an independent panel represented by both the agri-food and education sectors to ensure the following:

  1. Factual Information is current
  2. Information is accurate and authentic
  3. Learning expectations are clear and concise
  4. A balanced perspective is presented
  5. Assessment and evaluation of student achievement must be addressed
  6. The presentation of information is bias-free
  7. A copyright clearance statement is included
  8. Inclusive language is used wherever applicable