October 05, 2015

Canadian Sugar Industry Supports TPP Regional Trade Integration

Will review benefits of TPP for the industry as details become available

Atlanta, October 5, 2015 – Canada’s sugar industry supports the efforts of Canada and other countries to reach a Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement. As details become available, the industry will be reviewing the specific implications of today’s conclusion of the TPP for Canada’s sugar and sugar-containing products industry. The industry has been seeking substantial improvements in export market access to the United States, Japan and other countries in the TPP region.

The Canadian sugar industry supports increasing opportunities for Canadian exports of sugar and sugar-containing products by breaking down the foreign trade barriers and policies that continue to limit Canadian exports. Canada’s involvement in the new TPP is crucial to Canadian agri-food exporters and the CSI commends the efforts of Canadian trade negotiators.

A vibrant food processing industry depends on a reliable supply of refined sugar across Canada. The Canadian sugar market is not protected by subsidies and import barriers, so Canadian refined sugar production has helped to attract investment in food processing in Canada. Unfortunately, Canada’s competitive advantage has been undermined by the reduced access provided to the United States in previous trade agreements. The US, Japan and other markets continue to maintain restrictive tariffs and tariff rate quotas on refined sugar and various sugar-containing products.  In contrast, Canada has minimal or zero tariffs.

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Sandra Marsden, President, Canadian Sugar Institute



The Canadian sugar industry produces more than 1.2 million tonnes of refined sugar annually with a value of shipments of over $1 billion dollars. The sugar industry contributes directly to the Canadian economy through its investment and employment at refined cane sugar operations in Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia, sugar beet farming and processing in Alberta and sugar-containing product manufacturing in Ontario. Canada’s world market based refined sugar production has contributed in a major way to the development of a vibrant value-added food processing sector, Canada's second largest manufacturing industry. Canadian sugar is an essential input for major sugar using food processors across the country which account for over $18 billion in sales, one quarter of all Canadian food manufacturing sales and $5 billion in exports. The Canadian Sugar Institute is a member of the Canadian Agri-Food Trade Alliance (CAFTA) representing Canada’s export-based agriculture and agri-food sector.