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The CSI President is the chief operating officer of the Institute and is responsible for the day to day management of CSI activities. CSI staff provide important technical expertise and direction in the areas of nutrition science and communications and international trade policy and communications.

President's Office

Sandra Marsden, MHSc, RD

Nutrition & Scientific Affairs

Flora Wang, PhD
Manager, Nutrition & Scientific Affairs

Kaitlin Roke, PhD
Associate, Nutrition & Scientific Communications

Nutrition Communications

Chiara DiAngelo, MPH, RD
Manager, Nutrition Communications

Trade Policy

General Inquiries

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Staff Biographies

Sandra Marsden, MHSc, RD

Ms. Marsden is the President and Chief Operating Officer of the Canadian Sugar Institute. In addition to her overall management responsibilities, Ms. Marsden serves as the industry spokesperson, providing industry consensus to government on trade policy, international agreements and disputes. She liaises closely with other members of the agri-food industry in Canada and internationally. Ms. Marsden also established the Institute's nutrition communications program, including its scientific Nutrition Information Service and Scientific Advisory Council.

Prior to her work with the Canadian sugar industry, Ms. Marsden held various regional and municipal government positions in the field of public health nutrition. She has an MHSc (Community Nutrition) and BSc (Food Sciences) from the University of Toronto. She also completed a dietetic internship at St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto and is a Registered Dietitian with the College of Dietitians of Ontario. Continuing university education has focussed on marketing and international marketing to support the Institute's international trade mandate.

Ms. Marsden has made numerous presentations on Canadian sugar trade policy issues in Canada and the United States. She is a Director and founding member of the Canadian Agri-Food Trade Alliance and the Global Alliance for Sugar Trade Reform and Liberalisation. She also serves as the industry's representative on Canada's Agriculture Trade Negotiations Consultations Group (ATNCG). Ms. Marsden is well recognized in the nutrition community for her past involvement in national and provincial dietetic and public health associations. She is still active in the nutrition research and communications fields and is a Director of the World Sugar Research Organisation (WSRO) and member of the WSRO Scientific and Communication's Committee.

Flora Wang, PhD

Dr. Wang is the Manager of Nutrition and Scientific Affairs at the Canadian Sugar Institute. In this position she is responsible for ensuring the scientific integrity of CSI's nutrition communications. Responsibilities include national and international research and policy monitoring and input, professional and academic collaboration, sponsorship, presentations, and resource development. She also provides expert opinion and support on food and nutrition policy and guidelines related to sugars consumption and health. Dr. Wang represents the Institute on the Scientific Committee of the World Sugar Research Organisation and is an active member of the Canadian Nutrition Society. 

Dr. Wang completed her PhD (Nutrition and Metabolism) at the University of Alberta, Canada and BSc (Biological Science) at Xiamen University, China. Her work during her PhD was among the first to demonstrate the health benefits of natural  trans  fatty acids (particularly  trans-11 vaccenic acid) from dairy products and ruminant meats under conditions of dyslipidemia and the Metabolic Syndrome. Prior to her work at the CSI, she completed a 3-year post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Alberta working on various projects including critical reviews and reports on natural trans fat and cardiovascular health, initiatives pertaining to the CODEX definition and nutrition labelling of trans fat, as well as a Health Canada Clinical Trial Application for a multi-centered randomized clinical trial. In addition, she was involved in a number of clinical studies investigating impaired non-fasting/postprandial dyslipidemia during childhood obesity and early stages of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. As a graduate student, Dr. Wang received numerous scholarships and presentation awards including the Anthony Fellowship in Human Nutrition, Young Investigator Award at the International Symposium on Chylomicrons in Disease, and Best Poster Presentation at the Canadian Nutrition Society Annual Meeting. 

Kaitlin Roke, PhD

Dr. Roke is the Associate, Nutrition & Scientific Communications at the Canadian Sugar Institute (CSI). In this position, Dr. Roke is responsible for contributing to and creating new resources and presentations, seeking out and participating in professional and academic collaborations, and taking part in the project management of the nutritional information service. CSI also provides scientific support in the review of food and nutrition policy and guidelines related to sugars consumption and health.

Dr. Roke completed a PhD and MSc (Nutrition and Genetics) at the University of Guelph, Canada and a BSc (Human Kinetics, minor in Psychology) also at the University of Guelph, Canada. Research projects focused on omega-3 fatty acids, and examined the role of personalized nutrition and genetic variations related to omega-3 intake, as well as awareness of omega-3 fats and health. Dr. Roke recently completed a 1.5-year post-doctoral fellowship at Weight Watchers International, New York, United States, working on various projects which included scientific communication to members and staff, scientific evaluation as part of the business development team, and research on weight management and health. As a graduate student, Dr. Roke received the Ontario Graduate Scholarship for her studies. Dr. Roke has experience in infographic creation, working with the Canadian Nutrition Society, the Nova Scotia Dietetics Association, and the Lifestyle Genomics Journal. Dr. Roke has also been involved in scientific communication and outreach activities such as Let’s Talk Science and the Ms Infinity Ontario Health Science Conference, and completed service work and research on a number of teaching and learning projects.

Chiara DiAngelo, MPH, RD

Chiara DiAngelo is a Registered Dietitian and the Manager of Nutrition Communications at the Canadian Sugar Institute. Ms. DiAngelo collaborates with the Manager of Nutrition & Scientific Affairs and CSI's Scientific Advisory Council in the development and delivery of science-based resources and programs. She is responsible for CSI communications to key opinion leaders through conference participation, educational events, webinars and other collaborative or sponsored initiatives. As Communications Manager, she maintains the Institute's Nutrition Information Service and responds to the information needs of health professionals, educators, the media and consumers. She is responsible for nutrition communications through the CSI website, email, and social media. 

Miss DiAngelo has previous experience as a Food Regulatory Specialist working for a small food regulatory consulting company. She brings her expertise in the Canadian Food and Drug Regulations as they pertain to Nutrition Facts and Food Labelling.

Miss DiAngelo received her BASc in Applied Human Nutrition from the University of Guelph and completed her MPH specializing in Community Nutrition at the University of Toronto. She is a Registered Dietitian and member of the College of Dietitians of Ontario. As the top graduating student in the Family Relations and Applied Nutrition department at the University of Guelph, she graduated with Honours and accepted the Janet M Wardlaw medal for academic excellence and significant contribution to university and community life. She was granted an Ontario Graduate Scholarship to pursue her Masters’ degree in addition to an entrance scholarship from University of Toronto’s Dalla Lana School of Public Health.

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